International Call Back.

Have you ever wondered how you can call while you are traveling out of country?

Or how can you help your friends or family members make call from the countries they living and you are able to pay for them.

Your Dream came to reality with Airnex Call back.

Airnex Communications provides the largest International origination coverage, with global presence in over 30 countries and many of local area codes around the world. Our extensive selection of International origination gives our customers access to local phone numbers in selected cities while they travel or their family members to use.

Each International DID is billed on a per-minute charges and will be included in your monthly statement send by Airnex Communications This is a per- minute rate service, which means our customers converse as much as they want for a no monthly charge. They enjoy unlimited number of calls, with no limit on the length of each call.

Airnex Communications offers instant activation of International call back service via our industry leading Customer service.

Call today @ 1-800-708-4884 or email us @

List of Covered countries:

Argentina Australia Austria
Brazil Bulgaria Chile
Colombia Croatia Cyprus
Denmark El Salvador Estonia
Finland Georgia Guatemala
Ireland Israel Japan
Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg
Mexico New Zealand Norway
Panama Peru Poland
Portugal Romania Slovakia
Slovenia South Africa Spain
Ukraine United Kingdom Venezuela

  • There will be surcharges to Originate the calls from the above countries please ask our customer support representative for details.

  • Airnex will not be responsible for the charges accrued to connect to our local DID's in the above countries local or Mobile providers might charge a fee (Flat or per minute) to connect your calls to our local DID's. We only charge you for the actual minutes you made calls + origination surcharges based on rate plans with Airnex.

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